These are some sites we like. There is great stuff here, whether you need tech advice, business advice, or just need to keep up on the news. These are not paid placements. Just sites we like!

A great source for industry news, new tools, hi-tech job site tech and so much more. Sign up for the newsletter and get it delivered to your inbox! I love being able to scan through the news and see what's happening in the world of construction - outside of my own little bubble. Go do it!

Engineering News Records (ENR)

This is easily the most respected place to go for industry news. It's a great place to check-in on occasion, but I typically find that there is so much info on the site that I get scatter-brained. But if you want to know what happening in the big picture, this is for you!

A one-stop-shop for, well, construction junkies. Keep up on industry news. You'll find new tool releases, time-lapse videos or erections or demolitions and, of course, gift guides for those construction junkies around you. Sign up for their newsletter and get it all delivered to your inbox weekly. 

JB Knowledge

James runs JB Knowledge, and he's also part of the ConTechTrio. You can find tons of useful tid-bids on the blog or turn the podcast on during your next road trip. These guys are pretty cutting edge when it comes to tech in construction, so hold on to your hardhat. Your mind is going to blow with some stuff they talk about.


Rob Mckinney, one of the ConTechTrio, is a road warrior construction tech expert. Somehow he gets his hands on the latest and greatest tech tools that will make your jobsite seem futuristic - wearable tech, drone jobsite tours, you name it. Sign up for his newsletter to stay up on his happenings.

If you're just getting started and looking for what's out there, this is a great place to start. In just a few minutes, you can browse an immense amount of options and see how they are rated by users, the cost, the platforms they're available on, and even watch or schedule a demo.