Training & Development

A place for like-minded small and medium-sized commercial contractors looking for expert trainings, a supportive community and a place to talk shop.


Amazing Trainings

We have a star-studded cast of trainings; one for each month. Your membership includes access to these trainings, including the recordings that can be re-watched at any time. 

This means you'll also gain access to some of the industries prominent players in the world of estimating, scheduling, operations, technology, tools and more.

In an industry where everyone can buy the same tools and buy the same materials, personnel development can set you apart.


A Supportive Community

As any business owner or successful leader knows, you become who you surround yourself with.

So surround yourself with other forward-thinking leaders and business owners. The online forum is a place where you can ask questions, offer feedback, network, and learn. See what others are doing and use it to guide your business and career.

Ask questions to experts, discuss issues with peers, set goals and be held accountable. The possibilities are endless.


Take the Technology in Construction course for a test drive:


If you...


Need a place you can go to with questions, problems or ideas?

Visit the Frontline Mastermind forums!


Want to level-up your business or career?

Join us for our live trainings. And watch all the old trainings, too!


Want to connect with construction experts that can help?

That's just what we do in the online community.


Looking for a way to broaden your Project Management skill set?

We're going places; don't be left behind!


Interested in ideas that can transform your business or career?

The forums are a safe place to ask for ideas, work through issues and level-up!


Want to save $180 and try it out for FREE?!

C'mon... there's nothing to lose!


So, what's it all cost? 30 bucks a month.

That's IT!? There are courses online where you can learn all this, and you'll spend thousands. And that's just for the course, not to mention the community you'll get here. If it's not paying for itself, simply drop the subscription; no contract, no nothing. Join when you want, leave when you want. 

But here's the thing. We're still finalizing our training schedule and getting the full site set up.

So why are you here? To get a SMOKIN' deal.

For you? FREE.

We're letting early adopters in for FREE for 6 months. That's $180 back in your pocket. AND you'll have full access to the site; live trainings, recorded trainings and access to experts and peers in your industry.

You literally have nothing to lose.

So here's how it works: Fill out the application below. Once the site is live (in a few weeks), you'll hear from us again via email. That email will have a special link where you can sign up as an early adopter and get your first 6 months FREE.

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Still not sure?

I spent the last 10 years of my life working for one of the largest contractors in the USA. As a whole, we did $13B a year in revenue and were on the Fortune 100 list time and time again. And even ranked as one of the most desired construction companies to work for.

I worked on nothing but federally-funded projects. And what comes with federal funding? Small-business goals (DBE/SBE/MWBE/ESB and other alphabet-soup certifications). So on a $100M project, we probably have to spend $40M of that on small businesses.

This exposed me to something that ultimately guided me create this online community and training boot-camp.

So what's the difference between a good and a not-so-good small business?

Community & Training. (C'mon, you could have guessed I'd say that, right?)

The successful SMB's I worked with had a network of resources and relationships. People they could call with questions, talk through ideas, get feedback and advice.

They also didn't sit idle. They were at the weekly meetings, they were participating is the project. They came to the weekly trainings on the job site, they attended the events and were always looking for ways to one-up their competition.

So let's do THAT. Let's take and hour a month and learn something. And network, too.


What 12 months of training looks like inside The Frontline Mastermind:

Checklists; Worth their weight in gold

Scheduling; Monitoring the Prime's CPM

Scheduling; Long vs short-term schedules

Go/No-go; Saving yourself from a doomed project

Relationships; Who is your client?

Mobile Tech Made Easy; Ways to get started

How Standard Operating Procedures can transform your business

Project Startup; You won. Now what?

Cost vs. Budget; Where to start and what's important

Mentoring; You most valuable assets

Extra Work & Claims; Stop stepping over dollars

Getting Paid; A view from the inside

Estimating; Checks & Balances


...see you on the inside!