40 Tasks a VA Can Do That Will Free Up Your Project Manager

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As we've discussed in previous posts, hiring a VA can really give your Project Manager an edge when it comes to tacking those pesky little tasks on the to-do list.

To continue the conversation, let's take a look at some things you can hand off to a Virtual Assistant. And, for good measure, remember this: if there's someone else that can perform 70% of a task, it's time to delegate it.

Our PM's (and any other management role, for that matter) spend an embarrassing amount of time on tasks that don't really provide any forward progress, but they're still important.

40 Task that a VA can do that will free up your managers:

  1. Scanning & Filing record copies of letters
  2. Scanning & Filing record copies of schedules
  3. Scanning & Filing record copies of daily reports
  4. Filing/Organizing project photos
  5. Arbitrage public email address/phone messages
  6. Processing submittals to/from Prime or Owner
  7. Logging submittal revisions
  8. Processing other contract-required deliverables
  9. Sending & Logging RFI's
  10. Drawing revision log
  11. Specification revision log
  12. Punchlist creation & management
  13. Manage record set of redlines/as-builts
  14. Pay Application tracking & logging
  15. Create marketing/outreach material
  16. Organize outreach events
  17. Organize company BBQ, holiday parties, etc
  18. Transpose meeting minutes & distribute
  19. Update & distribute productivity charts
  20. Organize trainings
  21. Nearly any project-required reporting
  22. Scrape websites for advertisements/solicitations
  23. Copywriting for letters, website, etc
  24. Prescreening new-hires
  25. Registering your company for new projects
  26. Preparing state-required paperwork
  27. Preparing & Filing company certification renewals
  28. Tracking & Logging employee reimbursements
  29. Coding job expenses
  30. Ordering office supplies
  31. Booking meeting rooms
  32. Booking travel arrangements
  33. Reviewing claims/change order proposals
  34. Weekly Manhour Gain/Loss Summary
  35. Monthly Manhour Gain/Loss Summary
  36. Weekly Over-run/Under-run Summary
  37. Monthly Over-run/Under-run Summary
  38. Attend online trainings/webinars for you and share their notes
  39. Prospecting for new projects
  40. Social Media magement

Just think about this for a second.

You may be paying somewhere around $60/hour for a Project Manager to do all this. When you COULD be paying a VA around $20/hour. Let's just say that all these tasks combined take someone 5 hours/week. You're looking at a savings of $10,400 in a year. WHOAH!