Step Back & Rise Up

Builders are problem solvers. That's what we do. We're constantly solving problems - drawing or spec issues, material shortages, schedule conflicts, etc. We're also solving problems on a much larger scale - rebuilding houses, fixing broken pipes, wires and air systems, building roads and bridges and creating housing. So, we're problem solvers, clearly.


"Finding ways to set yourself apart is an exercise in creativity and continuous improvement"


So when it comes to head-on-a-swivel, putting out fires and running to our problems, we're good at that. What we're less good at it taking a step back and working ON our business/processes/procedures instead of putting our head down and getting to work. We're machines, and taking that step back is hard. First, it's hard to recognize when to do it, and second, it's hard to know what to take a look at.

Those times when we take a step back are the times that we elevate our business and improve the company. Without times like that, we'll be passed up.

You've read articles here about being creative and innovative, setting up processes and systems, and how growing relationships can help your business. This is another key to being able to rise up and continuously improve the construction industry as a whole.

What we've seen on the job is that those who have open eyes and ears are the ones who rise up. Learning from others, adapting and small continuous improvements is the way to keep up with competition and set yourself above the rest. Remember - anyone can buy the same equipment, use the same material and set the same processes. Finding ways to set yourself apart is an exercise in creativity and continuous improvement.