A Few Job Site Tech Toys That Will Pay Dividends

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If you're looking for some ways to level-up your job site technology usage, there are LOTS of options. The problem? Lots of them are daunting, confusing or seem a little unnecessary.

The good news? There are some options out there that will pay off quickly, are cheap to purchase, and are pretty easy to use.

Here are a few you should pick up for your next project:

360-degree camera ($124)

This is a pretty sweet little toy. It takes a full 360-degree photo. You've seen those images on Facebook that move around when you move your phone? Do that with this. Grab a cheap tripod to put it on, set it in the middle of the room and snap a pic. Boom. The entire room in one photo.

For the job site: if you're a renovation contractor or residential builder, this would be a great toy to keep in your tool box. 

Wide-angle lens ($10)

I'll admit - I have one of these. And I use it ALL THE TIME. It just clips onto your phone and gives you a wide-angle view. The bad part is that it's not exactly tiny. But it's still small enough to throw into your computer bag or keep in a pickup truck.

For the job site: Snag a pic of the entire laydown yard or half of an entire room, all in one click. Or, if you're on a large project, get the whole crew or job team in one photo without having to rent a manlift!

Drone ($73)

While I would probably agree with you that drones seem more like a novelty thing that kids get for Christmas, that's not exactly the case. We all know just how important job site photos are. So what if there's a way to get better photos AND make life easier? Enter: drones.

For the job site: Photos of the job site OR of the project team. Either way, well worth the investment.

Hands-free vehicle audio ($43)

I'm not going to quote a statistic about many deaths and injuries there are because people are more into playing with their phone than they are driving. Every phone has a speaker on it, but for whatever reason those just don't get used. So, it's time to invest in your safety program and buy some of these bluetooth hands-free truck speakers. It's worth every penny - you know it is.

For the job site: The quality of sound on these hands-free speakers is pretty dang good. We all talk about making safer job sites. Do something about it.

Phone & Tablet cases ($20)

When we talk about making an investment in job site technology, we also want to make sure we're protecting those investments. There could probably be an entire Instagram feed about things that have happened to mobile devices on job sites. Suffice it to say that we all probably need phone and tablet cases. Luckily there are lots of options.

For the job site: Get a tablet case that has a strap so you can carry it on those long highway jobs, or get something slimline if you're in the office a lot. No matter the case, this is cheap insurance.


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Pickup truck laptop stand ($129)

We work in our pickup truck a LOT. And sometimes we even manage to pull that laptop out and squeeze out a few emails or schedule updates. It's a super-duper pain in the rear when you have a front seat full of gear or material and you're fumbling with a laptop also. So stop it. Get a stand for your computer and you'll be more productive than ever before.

For the job site: Stay organized and productive on the job site with one of these in your pickup truck.

iPad stand (with extended desktop app) ($19+$10)

I'm into productivity. And one of the things that gets me excited is being able to use my iPad as an extended desktop screen. I use an app called Duet. It's a rockstar.

For the job site: Use it when you travel, are working in a remote office, or even at Starbucks.

Stylus ($22)

There are certain times when using a stylus is WAY more efficient that using a finger. I use an app called Notability to sketch up ideas and sign documents. And when I use that app, amongst others, I use this stylus. It has good weight to it, drawings very accurately, and has a small tip (I hate the big, goofy-looking stylus' that are like trying to write with a giant crayon).

For the job site: Mark up redlines, sketch ideas, or sign documents. It just makes life easier.