Buried in Paperwork? Hire a VA. ASAP. OK?

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The role of the Project Manager is key to the success of any construction project. Project managers oversee the work that is carried out on site, ensuring that everyone works together to overcome hurdles and deliver a project on time and within budget.

However, many PMs end up wasting a lot of their time on menial tasks, such as marketing/outreach events, handling paperwork or updating the same spreadsheet every week. If your on-site PM is struggling to focus on their mission-critical responsibilities because they are overwhelmed with simple tasks, it's time to think about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Why Hire a VA?

A virtual assistant can help your PM to complete simple tasks, such as filling out applications and project proposals and preparing reports. Although it might seem that hiring a VA creates an additional expense, it could in fact help you to save money.

Your PM has a particular set of skills that make them able to successfully bring projects to completion.

If you are paying them to spend their time on simple tasks that could be done with someone with far less experience, you are almost certainly wasting money.

$20/hour VS $80/hr?!

How Can a VA Help?

A VA can help with non-core aspects of your construction business.

While these activities are still vital for the long-term success and future planning, they don't always require much input from construction experts. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource these activities to people who aren't already busy dealing with the core activities of the project, such as on-site operations management and financials. VAs can also help with pre-construction activities like filling out applications and project proposals and prepare regular reports on your projects.

Take these administrative burdens away from your on-site PM - it will free up your PM to spend more time putting their project management skills to work, which is a much more efficient and effective use of their time.

How Much Does a VA Cost?

The cost per hour of hiring a virtual assistant can be surprisingly low. In general, the hourly rate that you pay your VA will be a fraction of the rate you pay your on-site PM. Think along the lines of $10-$25 per hour for a VA versus $50-$100 per hour for a Project Manager.


"If you are paying a Project Manager to spend their time on simple tasks that could be done with someone with far less experience, you are almost certainly wasting money."


In addition, by working with a VA on an outsourced basis, you can avoid many of the costs associated with directly employing a person. For example, if you added a full-time assistant to your payroll, you could face many administrative and other costs associated with that hire, as well as having to meet the cost of providing a desk and other equipment that the assistant needs to do their job. By using technology to work with a VA who is located off-site, you cut costs for your organization, while still enjoying all the benefits of having an assistant supporting your PM and other members of your team.

How to Hire a VA

We're going to step through the whole process of hiring a VA of your very own! We use them here at Frontline and know the value first-hand. Stay tuned for more in the VA series by signing up for the mailing list at the bottom of the page.