Change is Ceaseless

Take a look around. Think of one of your competitors, your peers or your partners that you admire. Think of a mentor or a possibly even a mentee of yours. Ask yourself, what makes them great? What makes me want to be a partner with them, to work along side them or to work for them?

We live in a world of change. There is a constant parade of new competition, new projects, changing Owner/Prime/Sub relationships, new tools, changing regulations, new software and new hardware. Time for some truth talk: This is going to continue. It always has, and it always will. 


"Ceaseless change is the only constant thing in Nature." - John Candee Dean


Do you HAVE to change? NOPE. No one is going to force your to change. You can dig your heels in and stick with what you've got. That's fine. But don't expect to win more contracts, hire great talent or set yourself apart (or above) your competition. 

SHOULD you change? YEP. Absolutely. We've spoken quite a bit about getting creative and about taking a step back to get a better look at things. So you know where we stand. The good news is that you're here. Simply stopping in and looking for resources that can help give you a let up is the first step in the right direct. So KUDOS! You're on your way. Making small, incremental changes in the way you do things is going to pay dividends in both the short and long-term. 

You'll find tons of helpful information on our website - articles, trainings, insights, interviews and the like. These will all help give you that leg up.  As a way to find out more about you and your current place in the market - we'd love you to take a quick, 5-question survey. We'll use this info to guide our content planning and make sure we're helping in the way you need it most.