Stepping up Automation & SOP's

This probably won't come as a surprise, but those companies that have established processes, no matter how simple, are shoulders above the rest. Could be something as easy as having an Excel file that log official correspondence or RFI's.

Here's why this makes my list, though - construction is particularly complicated. Partly due to our own actions, but mostly due to the fact that we're out there building some complex stuff! There are RFI's, daily/weekly/monthly meetings, schedules, other trades, tests, inspections, drawings changes, specs, and everything in between. Even the smallest, mostly seemingly simple projects have a way of becoming complicated. So when we stumble upon this, we have two choices: 1) hire lots of people to help manage these complex projects, OR 2) automate pieces of the management process and focus on what matters.

The first, hiring more management, is a cost prohibitive, hit-or-miss solution. Certainly not preferred (or possible!) by the majority of contractors out there. The second, though, has some real potential. Once there is a set process in place for a menial management functions (ie. RFI tracking), it can either be managed without taking focus away from more impactful management functions (ie. Schedule updates) or moved to a centralized support role (read: office secretary or virtual assistant).

The companies out there that DON'T have these processes in place spend HOURS fumbling around, creating logs from scratch (if they even have one), searching for what was send or what has been responded to. Or worse, having to traceability for issues when they arise later on in the project.